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January 2021 Newsletter & Updates

WHAT’S NEW IN JANUARY AT ROGUE OYSTERS Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great holiday season. We had a very busy but very good December on the farm doing one last big push in 2020. We’re very excited for 2021. This month is going to look a little different in that we’re only doing two pop-ups. As much as we'd like to hit every location this month, pop-ups take A LOT of time, and we need some of that time this month to prepare for the next growing season which will be here in as few as 10 weeks. We’ll be returning to other locations in February — just in time for Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day — and March. We...

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Oysters with Kimchi Butter

Kimchi and butter? Say no more. This umami butter complements milder oysters perfectly. Ingredients: 1 lb. Kimchi with liquid, chopped. 2 sticks, Butter, unsalted. Oysters. Directions:  To make the Kimchi butter in advance, combine the Kimchi and butter in a food processor and pulse until it's combined. The Kimchi Butter can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks or in the freezer for several months. Shuck oysters including and top them with a dollop of Kimchi Butter. Grill the oysters until the liquor is gone. Serve and enjoy! Photo and Recipe Credit: @guildedgolem on Instagram

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