Shipping & Pick-Up Policies

Regional Pick-Up

To keep our oysters readily available and fresh, we currently offer five regular pick-up locations and other ad hoc locations in Virginia for our customers’ convenience.

Our regular pick-up locations are in the following locations:

  • Weekly
    • Alexandria, Virginia
    • Lancaster, Virginia
    • Loudoun, Virginia (Details coming soon)
    • Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Because we harvest our oysters on-demand, pick-up orders must be placed by 10 pm EST on Mondays to ensure your order. This ensures we deliver the best tasting delicacies of the Bay. We frequently bring extra with us, so feel free to reach out after the deadline to check our availability.

    Farm Pick-Ups

    While we love visitors to the farm, due to our small family farm nature, the impact of weather, and harvesting restrictions, we typically need at least 2 days of notice for a farm order to guarantee it; this ensures we have the time to harvest your oysters at the time of your order and that we’ll be available to meet you when you arrive.

    We offer regular pick-up hours Saturday and Sunday between 9 am and 5 pm EST. We also offer other pick-up times by appointment.

    Shipping: Retail

    At this time, we are focused on our wholesale program and have suspended our retail shipping program.