Is it me, or is it the knife?

If you are having a hard time shucking, it is not necessarily you. It might be! But it might be the knife. Yes, even if you have our knife.

We like our knife and offer it because it is very versatile, but that does not mean it is the best fit for you. There are knives with shorter blades, slimmer blades, wider blades, and curved blades. It is just a matter of finding a blade you are comfortable using.

We like a thinner, pointy blade, but those will make some people too nervous to use. And if you aren't comfortable with your knife, shucking is not going to go well. We use both the knife we sell and another knife that we ground down to a short, slim blade. 

Rogue Oysters Modified Knife | Rogue Oysters

It started out as a wider, curved blade, but I just kept changing it until I could shuck pretty easily with it.

There are also a few handle types that give you a different grip and a control over the knife you might prefer to the one you have now. And since most oyster knives can be had for under $20, you don’t need to invest too much into trying a new knife. It’ll be well worth it if it makes shucking a little easier.

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