November Newsletter Update: Go Rogue for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we wanted to do a little more for our customers. We’re so grateful for the support we get from y’all so we want to express our gratitude this month by giving our customers 10% off in November as our way of saying: Thank you... and save a turkey, eat oysters!

If you're like us, a roasted turkey is more of a tradition than a dinner item we actually look forward to every year. But no amount of leftover turkey ever convinces either of our families that turkey isn't really necessary. So, if you don't want half a bird in your fridge after the meal, get some oysters! Oysters are versatile and can easily replace a turkey as the centerpiece of a meal, especially with smaller gatherings this year. We want to make sure you can enjoy oysters for the holidays so we’re doing all of our pick-ups within a week of Thanksgiving, as well as bringing our oysters back to Richmond. 

In the spirit of doing more, our website platform didn’t let us create the customer experience we thought our customers deserved so we’ve rebuilt it and are officially launching it today! The ordering process is a little different — now you pick your oyster size before your location — so if you have any issues at all, please reach out. We’re also adding more about how to enjoy oysters at home and the farm, so definitely take a minute to explore the site!  

As for the farm, we've got some straggling oysters in the nursery that are just a little too small to move to the farm. We like to have all of our babies up to a quarter inch or larger to give them a better chance of making it through Winter. Given water temperature’s impact on growing season, we should get these last babies up to size just in time. This is also an exciting time because shutting down the upweller lets us reclaim about ten to fifteen hours per week. This time will be spent on our winter projects, so we don't really end up with any more free time, but after tending to the upweller every day since late April, it'll be a nice change!

Many, many thanks again for your support,
Taryn & Aaron

P.S. Look out for some exciting new announcements for holiday gifting coming soon!

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