Oysters, 2.75” (Petites)

Oysters, 2.75” (Petites)

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If you miss enjoying oysters at restaurants as much as we do, these oysters are for you. This is the preferred size of most high-end restaurants as it's the easiest to shuck and they look great on a plate.

Creamy, buttery and mildly salty — these oysters are for the oyster connoisseur who wants to experience the different flavors of the Rappahannock. Rogue Oysters start with a natural dash of salt paired with a creamy, buttery sweetness. Be prepared for a taste of the Blue Ridge Mountains to come next before the flavor evolves into a clean, refreshing finish.

Order Cut-Offs

To ensure fresh oysters, we require a minimum of 48 hours to fulfill online orders; we may allow orders to be placed after the deadline if the weather and/or our plans allow for it.

Farm Pick-Ups: For same-day or next day orders on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, text or call (804) 577-8590 to see if we brought in any extra if the store does not allow you to check-out.

Regional Pick-Ups: Check pick-up dates and locations here. We bring a limited number of extra oysters, so contact us if you missed the deadline to check availability.